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(Eine deutsche Version findet sich weiter unten.)

These are basic steps to install a homemud with a current MG mudlib and LDMud-3.6.x.

  1. Download LDMud-3.6.x at You can also clone our repository at Gibhub with git.
  2. Download the MG-Lib from our public repository our public repository (just click on 'snapshot'). You can also clone the repository with git (use -c http.sslVerify=false, if you don't want to bother with our certificates).
  3. Enter src/ in the driver distribution
  4. Execute
  5. Execute settings/morgengrauen (you may want to change directories/paths there first, especially MUDHOME)
  6. Compile and install the driver with make
  7. Move driver executable from bin.install/ to its bin/ directory (configured in the settings file used)
  8. Untar the MG-Lib into the mudlib directory, specified during configuration of the driver.
  9. Start mud with bin/ldmud
  10. Login as jof (empty password) and clone your MGtool

For compiling the driver, you will need to have several development tools installed. On Debian-based systems, the minimum is: autoconf, automake, gcc/clang, make, bison, libtool.

For compiling a driver with all features Morgengrauen uses, you will need the following optional libraries: libjson0/json-c, libgnutls, libsqlite3, libpcre3, libxml2, libgcrypt, libpcre3, libiconv (included in libc6). (Please note: on debian-based systems you must install the development packages as well (*-dev), because they contain the header files for the respective libraries.)


# cd <mudhome>
# git clone
# cd ldmud.git/src
# ./
# settings/morgengrauen
# make all && make install-all
# cd <mudhome>
# mv bin.install/ldmud bin/ldmud
# tar xvzf <mudlib-snapshot.tgz>
# git clone
# cd <mudhome>
# bin/ldmud
# bin/ldmud -m <alternative path to mudlib> <alternative port>
# Please log in now as 'jof'.
If you want to know how to rename the mud god from 'Jof' to something else, please have a look at the german description below.

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